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He that endureth to the end shall be saved

[Rom. 8:2–13; Matt. 10:16–22] He that endureth to the end shall be saved. And do we have any?thing to endure? In this nobody is lack­ing. Every­one’s are­na of endur?ance is vast; there­fore our sal­va­tion is at hand. Endure every­thing to the end and you will be saved. Howev?er, you must endure skill­ful­ly; oth?erwise you may not gain any­thing by your endurance. First of all, keep the holy faith and lead an irre?proachable life accord­ing to faith; imme­di­ate­ly cleanse every sin that occurs with repen­tance. Sec­ond­ly, accept every­thing that you must en?dure as from the hands of God, re?membering firm­ly that noth­ing hap?pens with­out God’s will. Third­ly, give thanks sin­cere­ly to God for ev?erything, believ­ing that every­thing which pro­ceeds from the Lord is sent by Him unto the good of our souls — thank Him for sor­rows, and for con­so­la­tions. Fourth, love sor?row for its great sav­ing worth and cul­ti­vate your thirst for it, like a drink which although bit­ter, is heal?ing. Fifth, keep in your thoughts that when a mis­for­tune has come, you can­not throw it off like tight clothes; you must bear it. Whether in a Chris­t­ian way, or in a non-Chris­t­ian way, you must bear it nonethe­less; so it is bet­ter to bear it in a Chris­t­ian way. Com­plain­ing will not res­cue you from mis­for­tune, but only make it heav­ier; where­as hum?ble sub­mis­sion to God’s Prov­i­dence and good humour relieve the bur?den of mis­for­tunes. Sixth, real­ize that you deserve even a greater mis?fortune — real­ize that if the Lord want­ed to deal with you as you right­ly deserve, would such a small mis­for­tune real­ly be enough? Sev?enth, most of all, pray, and the mer?ciful Lord will give you strength of spir­it. With such strength, oth­ers will mar­vel at your mis­for­tunes which seem like noth­ing to you.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse