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I will give you rest

Thurs­day. [Rom. 11:13-24; Matt. 11:27-30] Come un­to Me, all ye that la­bor and are heav­y lad­en, and I will give you rest. O di­vine, O dear, O sweet­est voice of Thine! Let us all fol­low the Lord Who calls us! But first we must feel some­thing dif­fi­cult and bur­den­some for us. We must feel that we have man­y sins, and that these sins are grave. From this feel­ing is born the need to seek re­lief. Faith will then show us that our on­ly ref­uge is in the Lord and Sav­iour, and our steps will di­rect them­selves to­ward Him. A soul de­sir­ing to be saved from sins knows what to say to the Lord: “Take my heav­y, sin­ful bur­den from me; and I will take on Thy easy yoke.” And it hap­pens like this: the Lord for­gives the sins, and the soul be­gins to walk in His com­mand­ments. The com­mand­ments are the yoke, and sins are the bur­den. But com­par­ing the two, the soul finds that the yoke of the com­mand­ments is light as a feath­er, while the bur­den of sins is heav­y as a moun­tain. Let us not fear read­i­ly ac­cept­ing the Lord’s easy yoke and His light bur­den. In no oth­er way can we find rest un­to our souls.

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