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Is He the One That should come?

[Phil. 3:1–8; Luke 7:17–30] Saint John the Fore­run­ner sends his dis­ci­ples to ask the Lord: is He the One That should come? Or should they look for anoth­er? He did not ask this for him­self but for his disci­ ples, for he knew pre­cise­ly who Je­ sus Christ was, being informed a­ bout this from heav­en. The dis­ci­ples sought an answer to this ques­tion not out of emp­ty inquis­i­tive­ness, but out of a sin­cere desire to know the truth. To such as these there is no need to say much; the Lord does not speak, only indi­cates what had been accom­plished by Him at that time. Divine deeds wit­nessed to His divin­i­ty. It was so obvi­ous, that the ques­tion­ers no longer ques­tioned. This is the way it always is. The pow­er of God lives in the Church; a sin­cere seek­er of the truth immedi­ ate­ly feels it and is sure of this truth. This sure­ness through experi­ ence puts an end to all ques­tions and com­plete­ly soothes. He who does not want to believe, and, hav­ ing lost his faith, begins to seek in the Church and Chris­tian­i­ty not the foun­da­tions of faith, but grounds to jus­ti­fy his unbe­lief, will find no in­ dica­tions sat­is­fac­to­ry. He con­sid­ers his unbe­lief well-ground­ed, al­ though its foun­da­tions are pet­ty and insignif­i­cant. His heart wants this — that is why it is all tolerable.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse