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Is He the One That should come?

[Phil. 3:1-8; Luke 7:17-30] Saint John the Forerunner sends his disciples to ask the Lord: is He the One That should come? Or should they look for another? He did not ask this for himself but for his disci­ ples, for he knew precisely who Je­ sus Christ was, being informed a­ bout this from heaven. The disciples sought an answer to this question not out of empty inquisitiveness, but out of a sincere desire to know the truth. To such as these there is no need to say much; the Lord does not speak, only indicates what had been accomplished by Him at that time. Divine deeds witnessed to His divinity. It was so obvious, that the questioners no longer questioned. This is the way it always is. The power of God lives in the Church; a sincere seeker of the truth immedi­ ately feels it and is sure of this truth. This sureness through experi­ ence puts an end to all questions and completely soothes. He who does not want to believe, and, hav­ ing lost his faith, begins to seek in the Church and Christianity not the foundations of faith, but grounds to justify his unbelief, will find no in­ dications satisfactory. He considers his unbelief well-grounded, al­ though its foundations are petty and insignificant. His heart wants this — that is why it is all tolerable.

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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