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Is the Spirit Within You?

Mon­day. [Eph. 5:9–19; Matt. 18:10–20] Com­fort­ing His dis­ci­ples, the Lord said that it will be bet­ter for them if He ris­es to heav­en, for upon ris­ing, in place of Him­self He will send the com­forter — the Spir­it. The Holy Spir­it has descend­ed and a?bides in the Church, accom­plish­ing in each believ­er the work of Christ. Each Chris­t­ian is a com­mu­ni­cant of the spir­it. This is some­thing so nec?essary, that in fact who­ev­er does not have the Spir­it is not of Christ. Look close­ly at your­self — is the Spir­it of grace with­in you? For it does not remain in every­one; it can depart. Here are the signs of its pres­ence: first it finds a spir­it of re?pentance and teach­es a Chris­t­ian to turn to God and cor­rect his life; the spir­it of repen­tance, accom­plish­ing its work, pass­es the Chris­t­ian on to a spir­it of holi­ness and puri­ty, which is suc­ceed­ed, at last, by a spir­it of Son­hood. The char­ac­ter­is­tic of the first is a work-lov­ing zeal; the char?acteristic of the sec­ond is warmth and a sweet burn­ing of the heart; the char­ac­ter­is­tic of the third is a feel­ing of Son­hood where­by the heart sighs to God: Abba, Father! (Mk. 14:36). Exam­ine which of these lev­els you are on. If you are not on any of them, take care for yourself.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse