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Judgement of the Faithful and Unfaithful

[II Tim. 1:1–2, 8–18; Luke 19:12–28]

The para­ble of the ten pounds por­trays the entire his­to­ry of mankind until the sec­ond com­ing of Christ. In it the Lord speaks of Him­self, of His suf­fer­ings, death, and res­ur­rec­tion to the Heav­en­ly Father, to reign over mankind—all of which is His birthright. Those who remain on the earth are divid­ed into two parts: ser­vants, serv­ing the Lord through obe­di­ence to the faith, and those who do not want to have Him as king and serve Him, because of their unbe­lief. To those who approach the Lord through faith, with a readi­ness to serve Him, are giv­en the gifts of the Holy Spir­it in the holy mys­ter­ies: this is a pound—and every per­son num­bered amongst the believ­ers receives it for serv­ing. When every­one from the human race capa­ble of sub­mit­ting to the Lord sub­mits to Him, then He will come again, as One who has received the King­dom. His first job will be to judge among the ser­vants: who acquired what with the grace giv­en. Then will fol­low judg­ment also over those who did not want to have Him as king; that is who either did not believe, or who fell from faith. Imprint these truths in your mind and do not lose atten­tion to them, for then there will be a decision—do not expect any changes. Flee unbe­lief, nei­ther believe idly, but bring forth the fruits of faith. Find­ing you faith­ful over a few things, the Lord will make you ruler over many things (cf. Matt. 25:21).

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse