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Judging Others

Sat­ur­day. [Rom. 3:19–26; Matt. 7:1–8] Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matt. 7:1). What a dis­ease — gos­sip and judg­ing oth­ers! Every­one knows that this is a sin; nev­er­the­less there is noth­ing more com­mon in our words than judg­ment of oth­ers. One says, “Do not count it as judg?ing, O Lord,” but con­tin­ues judg­ing to the end. Anoth­er jus­ti­fies him­self that any rea­son­able per­son must have an opin­ion about what is going on, and in his gos­sip he tries to be cool­ly rea­son­able; but even a sim­ple ear can­not help but dis­cern a high-mind­ed and gloat­ing judg­ment of oth­ers in his words. Mean­while, the sen­tence of the Lord for this sin is strict and deci­sive. He who judges oth­ers will not be jus­ti­fied. What should one do? How can one avoid mis­for­tune? A deci­sive rem­e­dy a?gainst judg­ing oth­ers con­sists of this: to con­sid­er your­self condemn?ed. He who feels him­self condemn?ed will have no time to judge oth­ers. His only words will be, “Lord have mer­cy! Lord for­give my transgres?sions!”

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse