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Judging Others

Saturday. [Rom. 3:19–26; Matt. 7:1–8] Judge not, that ye be not judged (Matt. 7:1). What a disease — gossip and judging others! Everyone knows that this is a sin; nevertheless there is nothing more common in our words than judgment of others. One says, “Do not count it as judg?ing, O Lord,” but continues judging to the end. Another justifies himself that any reasonable person must have an opinion about what is going on, and in his gossip he tries to be coolly reasonable; but even a simple ear cannot help but discern a high-minded and gloating judgment of others in his words. Meanwhile, the sentence of the Lord for this sin is strict and decisive. He who judges others will not be justified. What should one do? How can one avoid misfortune? A decisive remedy a?gainst judging others consists of this: to consider yourself condemn?ed. He who feels himself condemn?ed will have no time to judge others. His only words will be, “Lord have mercy! Lord forgive my transgres?sions!”

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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