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Let unbelievers go their way

Thurs­day. [Col. 4:2-9; Luke 9:49-56] How should one re­late to un­be­liev­ers who do not con­fess the Lord? The same way as the Lord re­lated to the vil­lage that did not re­ceive Him. Youth­ful zeal, full of heat, would want to send down fire from heav­en on them; but the Lord Him­self re­strains it: Ye know not what man­ner of spir­it ye are of… The Lord and Sav­iour did not do any­thing to those who did not re­ceive Him, though re­ceiv­ing Him is what sal­va­tion it­self con­sists of; but pass­ing them by, He went to an­oth­er vil­lage, leav­ing them to them­selves. The same ap­plies now: let un­be­liev­ers go their way, and be­liev­ers go theirs. God ex­ists, Who will sort ev­ery­one out in good time. It is nec­es­sary to pit­y and pray for them; one must de­sire that they know the truth and try to find op­por­tu­ni­ties to hint to them a­bout it; but when they o­pen­ly start at­tack­ing the truth, give them a re­buff which is lov­ing and yet brings them to their sens­es — and that is e­nough.

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