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Lies Easily Conquered

[Acts 2:14–21; Luke 24:12–35] At that time the Jews attempt­ed to over­shad­ow the light of Christ’s Res­ur­rec­tion with the mist of a lie: His dis­ci­ples stole Him (Matt. 28:13). It was

pet­ti­ness, and the truth tri­umphed. But until now the ene­my has not ceased to spread mist before the Sun of Res­ur­rec­tion, hop­ing to over?shadow it. Let nobody be trou­bled! What can be expect­ed from the fa?ther of lies

taught many of his min­ions to write entire books against the Resurrec?tion. This

dis­si­pat­ed by books. Do not pick up a bad book, and you will not be mist-enshroud­ed by it; but if you should acci­den­tal­ly come upon such a book, take up a good book as an anti­dote, and you will refresh your head and breast. There is anoth­er mist that comes from the ene­my —in our thoughts. But this can also be immediately

smoke in the wind, through sen­si­ble Chris­t­ian dis­cern­ment. Review all the pre­ced­ing with dis­cern­ment and you will see clear as day that it would have been impos­si­ble for all of it to hap­pen except through the pow­er of Christ’s Res­ur­rec­tion. This con­vic­tion will then be a firm stand?point from which you will eas­i­ly re?pel and strike down the ene­mies of the truth.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse