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Life is in the heart

Tues­day. [II Cor. 5:15–21; Mark 1:16–22] The Lord taught in the Caperna?um syn­a­gogue, and every­one mar?velled at His teach­ing: for He taught them as one that had author­i­ty, and not as the Scribes. This author­i­ty is not a com­mand­ing tone, but the pow­er of influ­ence on souls and hearts. His Word entered with­in, and bound itself to human con?sciences, show­ing that all was as He said. This is how a word which is imbued with Divine pow­er, a word from the Spir­it, or an anoint­ed word always is. This is how it was with the holy apos­tles, and after them, with all influ­en­tial teach­ers. They spoke not from learned­ness, but as the spir­it gave them the gift of proph­esy. It is a gift of God which can only be acquired through labors to mas­ter it in one’s heart and life, and not just by learn­ing. Wher­ev­er this occurs the word is imbued with cogency, because it moves from heart to heart; in this is the pow­er of the word over souls. Scribes, speak­ing and writ­ing from their learned­ness, are not giv­en such pow­er, because they speak from their head and mix into their head their own phi­los­o­phiz­ing. Life is not found in the head, but only life’s sur­face. Life is in the heart, and on?ly what comes forth from the heart can influ­ence the cur­rents of life.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse