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Lord Hear My Prayer

[Eph. 2:14–22; Luke 8:41–56] Jai­ rus open­ly, in front of every­one, fell to the Sav­iour’s feet beseech­ing the Lord to heal his daugh­ter, and was heard. The Lord, say­ing noth­ing, imme­di­ate­ly arose and went to his house. On the way to Jairus’ house a woman with an issue of blood was healed, of course also not with­out prayer on her part,although she did not appeal in word and did not fall down at the Lord’s feet — she had a heart­felt prayer of faith. The Lord heard her and gave her heal­ing. It all occurred secret­ly. The woman with the issue of blood turned to the Lord in her heart; the Lord heard this wail of the heart and grant­ed her peti­tion. Both this woman and Jairus had essen­tial­ly the same prayer, although we can dis­cern cer­tain degrees in them. Such pray­ ers full of faith, hope and devo­tion nev­er go unheard. Peo­ple some­ times say, “I pray and pray, but my prayer still is not heard.” Labour to ascend to a mea­sure of prayer that can­not be refused, and you will see why it was not heard. Whether you are in a prayer­ful sit­u­a­tion like Jai­ rus, or in a sim­ple, ordi­nary one, like every­one around him, such as the woman with the issue of blood, when true prayer aris­es in your heart it will undoubt­ed­ly reach the Lord and incline Him towards mer­ cy. The ques­tion is how to attain such prayer. Labour, and you will attain it. All prayer rules have as their object to lift up those who pray to such a mea­sure of prayer, and all who sen­si­bly fol­low this course of prayer reach their goal.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse