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Lord! Thou knowest all things. Do with me as Thou willest!

Wednes­day. [II Cor. 13:3–13; Mark 4:35–41] The dis­ci­ples are sail­ing a?cross the sea; a storm aris­es and places them in a dan­ger­ous situa?tion, while the Lord sleeps. They call out to Him: “Lord, save us!” and He calms the storm with one word. This is anoth­er real rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the order of Divine prov­i­dence. Every per­son, the nations, and the Church are sail­ing across the sea of life them­selves by means of the nat?ural and super­nat­ur­al pow­ers placed in them, accord­ing to the rou­tines estab­lished by God. The Lord rests, although He also abides amidst mov­ing events; He Him­self begins to act when an unavoid­able mis­for­tune threat­ens, which could turn the direc­tion of events to op?pose His Divine plans. He is every?where, pre­serves every­thing, and warms every­thing with the breathe of His love; but He leaves His crea?tures to act them­selves, by means of the pow­ers giv­en by Him, accord­ing to the laws and rou­tines every?where estab­lished and upheld by Him. He is not per­son­al­ly all-act­ing, although every­thing pro­ceeds from Him and with­out Him noth­ing oc?curs. He is always pre­pared to act Him­self when it is nec­es­sary ac?cording to His bound­less wis­dom and truth. Prayer is the receiv­er of God’s oper­a­tions. But the best prayer is: “Lord! Thou know­est all things. Do with me as Thou willest!”

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse