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Lord! Thou knowest all things. Do with me as Thou willest!

Wednesday. [II Cor. 13:3-13; Mark 4:35-41] The disciples are sailing a?cross the sea; a storm arises and places them in a dangerous situa?tion, while the Lord sleeps. They call out to Him: “Lord, save us!” and He calms the storm with one word. This is another real representation of the order of Divine providence. Every person, the nations, and the Church are sailing across the sea of life themselves by means of the nat?ural and supernatural powers placed in them, according to the routines established by God. The Lord rests, although He also abides amidst moving events; He Himself begins to act when an unavoidable misfortune threatens, which could turn the direction of events to op?pose His Divine plans. He is every?where, preserves everything, and warms everything with the breathe of His love; but He leaves His crea?tures to act themselves, by means of the powers given by Him, according to the laws and routines every?where established and upheld by Him. He is not personally all-acting, although everything proceeds from Him and without Him nothing oc?curs. He is always prepared to act Himself when it is necessary ac?cording to His boundless wisdom and truth. Prayer is the receiver of God’s operations. But the best prayer is: “Lord! Thou knowest all things. Do with me as Thou willest!”

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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