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Mystery Of His Body And Blood

Mon­day. [Acts 10:1–16; John 6:56–69] When the Lord pre­sent­ed His teach­ing a­bout the mys­tery of His Bo­dy and Blood, set­ting it as a nec­es­sary con­di­tion for com­mu­ni­ca­tion with Him­self and as a source of true life, then man­y of His dis­ci­ples went back, and walk­ed no more with Him (John 6:66). Such an act of God’s bound­less mer­cy to­ward us seem­ed too mi­rac­u­lous to them, and their dis­in­cli­na­tion to­ward the mi­rac­u­lous tore them from the Lord. The Lord saw this, and al­though He was pre­pared to be cru­ci­fied for the sal­va­tion of ev­ery per­son, He did not con­sid­er it pos­si­ble to di­min­ish or can­cel the mi­rac­u­lous. It is so cru­cial in the econ­o­my of our sal­va­tion! Al­be­it with re­gret, He al­low­ed them to de­part from Him in­to the dark­ness of un­be­lief and de­struc­tion; and said to them and to the cho­sen twelve as well, will ye al­so go a­way? (John 6:67) This show­ed that He was read­y to let them go al­so, if they could not bow down be­fore the mi­rac­u­lous. So it is, that to flee from the mi­rac­u­lous is to flee from the Lord and Sav­iour; and one who turns a­way from the mi­rac­u­lous is as one who is per­ish­ing. May those who are horrified by the mi­rac­u­lous heed this! Even they will come a­cross a mir­a­cle which they will not be able to thwart: death, and af­ter death, judg­ment. But wheth­er this in­abil­i­ty to thwart it will serve them un­to sal­va­tion, on­ly God knows.

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