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No one can carry the Cross of Christ

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If we are to cul­ti­vate the soil of our hearts we will first need a plough, and our plough must be the Cross of Christ. This will lead us into obe­di­ence to His word and we will take up our own cross. No one can car­ry the Cross of Christ. The pain and the crush­ing ignominy con­tained in it are beyond describ­ing. It would grind our whole being to dust for it bears with­in itself the whole tragedy of man since the day of his fall from Par­adise until the end of ages. It bears the whole cos­mic weight of Adam’s dis­obe­di­ence. We bear our small per­son­al cross in obe­di­ence to Christ’s com­mand­ment. This cross is the pain and sac­ri­fice involved in free­ing the heart from pas­sion­ate attach­ments and secret deceits, that it may run freely after its beloved God and call upon Him. It will have room for noth­ing but a yearn­ing for God by which to invoke His Name. The one desire of the heart is to be one with Him Who joined Him­self to our nature, bring­ing into it all His divine virtues so that we might become ‘par­tak­ers if the divine nature.’ Thus, by tak­ing up our small cross, we inher­it the life hid­den in His great Cross. — Archi­man­drite Zacharias #ortho­dox #ortho­doxy #ortho­dox­church #chris­t­ian #wis­do­mofthe­fa­thers #archi­man­dritezacharias #car­ryy­our­cross #cross #sac­ri­fice

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