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Nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest

[II Cor. 8:1–5; Luke 8:16–21] Noth­ing is secret, that shall not be made man­i­fest; nei­ther any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad. There­fore, no mat­ter how much we hide of our bad deeds, a record of them is made in­ depen­dent­ly of us, which in its time will be pre­sent­ed. What is the parch­ment on which this record is writ­ten? Our con­science. We some­ times force it to be silent — and it is silent. But although it is silent, it does its work, keeps a most pre­cise chron­i­cle of our deeds. What is one to do if many bad things are writ­ten there? One must wipe out what is writ­ten there. With what? With tears of repen­tance. These tears will wash away every­thing and not a sin­gle trace will remain of these bad things writ­ten. If we do not wash them away, then at the judge­ment we our­selves will have to read ev­ ery­thing writ­ten. But since then the truth will reign in our conscious­ ness, we our­selves will pro­nounce our judge­ment, and the Lord will con­firm it. Then there will be a deci­ sion which can­not be appealed, be­ cause each per­son will con­demn him­self, and will have noth­ing to do with any­one else. All of this will oc­ cur in the twin­kling of an eye: you will look and see what you are. You will imme­di­ate­ly hear from the Lord, Who is omnipresent, a confir­ mation of the judge­ment; and then it will be the end of everything…

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse