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Path to Righteousness

Sat­ur­day. [II Cor. 1:8–11; Luke 5:27–32] I came not to call the right­eous, but sin­ners to repen­tance. What a con­so­la­tion for sin­ners! But it is nec­es­sary to leave sins and do only good; and when doing good, to con?tinue to call one­self a sin­ner not on?ly on the tongue, but in the heart. Do not sin, but as a true sin­ner re?pent and call to the Lord for forgive?ness. When you will be dis­posed in such a way, it means that you stand in the truth; as soon as you give way to self-right­eous­ness and start con?sidering your­self sin­less, know, that you are turn­ing aside from the right path and have head­ed toward those for whom there is no sal­va­tion. How we can com­bine a prop­er life with feel­ings of sin­ful­ness is some?thing only scribes ask. They write, but do not do. For the one who fol?lows the path of action this is so clear that he can­not under­stand how it could be any oth­er way.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse