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Preserve the Sacred Grounds of Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Monastery

Preserve the Sacred Grounds of Saint Anthony Greek Orthodox Monastery

A page enti­tled “Pre­serve the Sacred Grounds of Saint Antho­ny’s Monastery” has appeared on Face­book, call­ing atten­tion to the pro­posed con­struc­tion of over 200 new hous­es in the imme­di­ate area of the monastery which would great­ly dis­rupt the qui­etude of this spir­i­tu­al cen­ter, found­ed by and the home of the Athonite elder Ephraim, for­mer abbot of Philotheou. A peti­tion has also been start­ed, which can be signed here.

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A devel­op­er is propos­ing dras­tic changes to the zon­ing and land usage for parcels of land IMMEDIATELY ADJACENT to Saint Antho­ny’s Monastery. These changes would have a dra­mat­ic and sig­nif­i­cant neg­a­tive impact to Saint Antho­ny’s Greek Ortho­dox Monastery. It would also be a dra­mat­ic neg­a­tive impact to all the local res­i­dents and out-of-state vis­i­tors who attend ser­vices there, to all the fam­i­lies who have rel­a­tives buried in the ceme­tery, and to every­one who cur­rent­ly enjoys the tran­quil and grace­ful nature of the Monastery.

An image show­ing the over­all pro­pos­al, as well as a detailed look at the impact imme­di­ate­ly adja­cent to the Monastery.

The pro­posed devel­op­ment is tru­ly a dras­tic change:

  • Over 200 new hous­es are to be devel­oped on land north of the Monastery, includ­ing the area imme­di­ate­ly adja­cent to the Monastery Cemetery
  • A new road is to be built extend­ing from Paisano Road, then run­ning in between the two Monastery hills, imme­di­ate­ly at the base of the Prophet Elias Chapel, then very close to the ceme­tery. As this would be the only access road to the 200+ hous­es, traf­fic and noise would be great­ly increased.
  • The noise, traf­fic, hous­ing, music, ani­mals, etc. would bring a dra­mat­ic change to the whole com­mu­ni­ty, dis­turb­ing not only the Monastery but the neigh­bors as well.
  • The nat­ur­al habi­tat and wildlife would be impact­ed by a big new devel­op­ment as well, dis­turb­ing sev­er­al rare plant and ani­mal species in the area.

YOUR URGENT ACTION IS REQUESTED! Pub­lic meet­ings are already sched­uled for the com­ing week!! Please sign the peti­tion immediately!

The peti­tion sim­ply asks the local author­i­ties to leave the zon­ing of these prop­er­ties unchanged. The pur­pose of zon­ing laws is to pro­vide long-term expec­ta­tions for prop­er­ty own­ers on how the land in their neigh­bor­hood is intend­ed to be used. This allows peo­ple to plan and build in a man­ner appro­pri­ate to the exist­ing neigh­bor­hood. The pro­posed new devel­op­ment rep­re­sents a dras­tic change to cur­rent zon­ing usage and would have a strong­ly neg­a­tive impact on the local community.
The peti­tion also asks the Bureau of Land Man­age­ment and the Ari­zona State Land Depart­ment sim­ply to leave the usage of these prop­er­ties unchanged. These agen­cies must approve any changes to the land usage where the devel­op­er wants to build the new road, since it pass­es through lands con­trolled by those agencies.

YOUR ACTION IS REQUESTED! Please sign the petition!

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