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Quotes from The Philokalia Vol. 1, pg 169

We are not might­i­er than Sam­son, wis­er than Solomon, more knowl­edge­able about God than David, and we do not love God bet­ter than did Peter, prince of the apos­tles. So let us not have con­fi­dence in our­selves; for he who has con­fi­dence in him­self will fall headlong.

Let us learn humil­i­ty from Christ, humil­i­a­tion from David, and from Peter to shed tears over what has hap­pened; but let us also learn to avoid the despair of Sam­son, Judas, and that wis­est of men, Solomon. 

The more the rain falls on the earth, the soft­er it makes it; sim­i­lar­ly, Christ’s holy name glad­dens the earth of our heart the more we call upon it.

Quotes from The Philokalia Vol.  1, pg 169