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Simplicity of Faith

Fri­day. [I Cor. 4:5–8; Matt. 13:44–54] Arriv­ing in Nazareth the Lord found no faith there. His vis­i­ble sim­plic­i­ty hin­dered the Nazarenes from see­ing His invis­i­ble glo­ry and divin­i­ty. Does not the same occur with a Chris­t­ian? Chris­t­ian dog­mas are very sim­ple in appear­ance; but for the mind which enters into them, they rep­re­sent an all-embrac­ing har­mo­nious sys­tem in and of them?selves, which were not, nor ever could be gen­er­at­ed by any crea?ture’s mind. Proud-mind­ed­ness, cast­ing a fleet­ing glance at the sim?plicity of the Gospels, is repelled by it and begins to build its own house of knowl­edge, which it deems enor?mous and full of broad hori­zons. It is in fact no more than a tow­er­ing house of cards, and the hori­zons are no more than mirages, phan­tom prod­ucts of a heat­ed imag­i­na­tion. But there is no point in telling him. He and his broth­ers are ready with their crit­i­cal attacks to imme­di­ate­ly cast any­one from the moun­tain into the abyss who tries to dis­suade them; but the truth always pass­es unharmed through their midst and goes on to oth­er souls capa­ble of re?ceiving it.

Saith Theo­phan the Recluse