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Spiritual Content

Sat­ur­day. [Rom. 8:14–21; Matt. 9:9–13] When some­one, by his fear of God and the demands of his con?science already has an awak­ened thirst for spir­i­tu­al things, he pos?sesses a cer­tain sense enabling him to under­stand the mean­ing of words relat­ing to the spir­i­tu­al sphere, although they might be clothed in the form of a para­ble. For such peo­ple a para­ble does not hide the truth, but rather reveals it even more clear­ly. But he who is not of this dis­po­si­tion does not under­stand any spir­i­tu­al con­tent described in the form of a para­ble. Even if one were to offer him a word on these sub­jects that was not in the form of a para­ble he would only under­stand the words, and not com­pre­hend the essence of the mat­ter. It would go a?gainst all of his notions, and seem to him to be an absur­di­ty which he would not hes­i­tate to mock. This is pre­cise­ly why the Lord talked to the peo­ple in para­bles. Who­ev­er is spir?itually inclined will under­stand a para­ble, where­as some­one with no incli­na­tions will not under­stand no mat­ter what you say. Because they see­ing see not; and hear­ing they hear not, nei­ther do they under­stand… For this people’s heart is waxed gross (Matt. 13:12–15). Mean­while, the para­ble did not deprive of need­ed instruc­tion those who were capa­ble of see­ing the hid­den truth: For who?soever hath, to him shall be giv­en, and he shall have more abun­dance.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse