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Spiritual Life

Fri­day. [II Cor. 1:12–20; Matt. 22:23–33] The Lord said of the future life that peo­ple there do not mar­ry and are not giv­en in mar­riage — that is, our every­day earth­ly rela­tion­ships will have no place there. It would fol­low that none of the norms of earth­ly life will either. Nei­ther sci?ence, nor art, nor gov­ern­ments, nor any­thing else will exist. What will there be? God will be all in all. And since God is spir­it, He unites with the spir­it and acts on what is spiri?tual, all life there will be a continu?ous flow of spir­i­tu­al move­ments. There can be only one con­clu­sion drawn from this: since our goal is the future life, and what is here is only a prepa­ra­tion for it, then to spend all the time of one’s life only on what is appro­pri­ate in this life alone and has no rel­e­vance to the future life means to go against our pur­pose, and to pre­pare our­selves for a bit­ter, most bit­ter lot. We are not absolute­ly required to drop ev?erything; but while work­ing as much as is nec­es­sary for this life, we must direct our main con­cern toward prepa­ra­tion for the future life, try­ing wher­ev­er pos­si­ble to turn even earth­ly menial labour in?to a means for achiev­ing this goal.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse