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Take No Thought

Mon­day. [Rom. 2:28–3:18; Matt. 6:31–34; 7:9–11] Take no thought (Matt. 6:31). Then how is one to live? We have to eat, drink, and wear clothes. But the Sav­iour does not say, “do noth­ing,” but rather, take no thought. Do not weary your?self with care that con­sumes you both day and night, and gives you not a moment of peace. Such care is a sin­ful dis­ease. It shows that a man is rely­ing upon him­self and has for?gotten God; that he has lost hope in the Prov­i­dence of God, wants to ar?range every­thing for him­self sole­ly by his own efforts, to pro­cure all that is nec­es­sary, and to pre­serve what he has pro­cured by his own means. He has become chained in his heart to his prop­er­ty, and thinks to rest on as if it were a sol­id foun?dation. Love of pos­ses­sions has bound him and he only thinks of how to get more into his hands. This mam­mon has replaced God for him. Work by all means, but do not wea?ry your­self with evil cares. Hope for every suc­cess from God and com­mit your lot into His hands. Accept all that you obtain as a gift from the Lord’s hand, and wait with a firm hope that He con­tin­ue His gen­er­ous giv­ing. Know that if God so desires, a rich man can lose all he has in one minute. All is decay and dust. Is it worth it to weary your­self for that? So, take no care!

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse