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The Church established by the Apostles

[II Pet. 2:9–22; Mark 13:14–23] If any man shall say to you, Lo, here is Christ; or, lo, he is there; believe him not (Mark 13:21). Christ the Lord, our Sav­iour, hav­ing estab­lished upon the earth the holy Church, is well pleased to abide in it, as its head, en­ liven­er, and ruler. Christ is here, in our Ortho­dox Church, and He is not in any oth­er church. Do not search for Him else­where, for you will not find Him. There­fore, if some­one from a non-ortho­dox assem­blage comes to you and begins to sug­gest that they have Christ — do not be­ lieve it. If some one says to you, “We have an apos­tolic com­mu­ni­ty, and we have Christ,” do not believe them. The Church found­ed by the A­ pos­tles abides on the earth — it is the Ortho­dox Church, And Christ is in it. The com­mu­ni­ty estab­lished only yes­ter­day can­not be apos­tolic, and Christ is not in it. If you hear some­one say­ing, “Christ is speak­ing in me,” while he shuns the [Ortho­ dox] Church, does not want to know its pas­tors and is not sanc­ti­fied by the Sacra­ments, do not believe him. In him is not Christ, but rather an­ oth­er spir­it appro­pri­at­ing the name of Christ in order to divert peo­ple from Christ the Lord and from His holy Church. Nei­ther believe any­ one who sug­gests to you even some small thing alien to the [Ortho­dox] Church. Rec­og­nize all such peo­ple to be instru­ments of seduc­ing spir­its and preach­ers of lies.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse