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The Holiness of the Theotokos

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"If the nine orders of angels desired to descend from the heavens, and become demons; If all men would become evil; If all creations, heaven, lights, priests, animals desired to apostasize from God; All these evils of creation weighed against the fulness of the Holiness of the Theotokos could not sadden God. For only the Lady Theotokos was able to please Him in all things. She alone stands between God and men, who made God the son of men, and men sons of God. Without her intercessions no one, neither angels, nor men could entreat God, for she alone is found on the border between the uncreated and natural creation. She alone is God immediately after God and has second place to the Holy Trinity, as being truly the mother of God in essence. And she alone is not only the protector of the treasury of all the riches of the Godhead, but she is the distributor to all angels and men, all those gifts from God to the supernatural creation, illumination and divine and spiritual gifts. And there is no one who cannot call upon her with faith and not be heard with compassion. This Son of God and beloved son of the Virgin gave us His mother (and thus our mother) as such an advocate, to help us towards our salvation." -St. Nikodemos of the Holy Mountain #TheOrthodoxWay #OrthodoxChristian #EasternOrthodox #Christian #TheChurch #Christ #Lord #Mercy #Love #Light #Faith #Prayer #Philotimo #TheCross #World #Salvation #Theotokos #Panagia

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