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The Holy Martyress Theodosia of Tyre

Com­mem­o­rat­ed on April 3, May 29

The Holy Mar­tyress Theo­dosia of Tyre suf­fered in the year 307. On 29 May is cel­e­brat­ed the trans­fer of her relics to Con­stan­tino­ple, and lat­er on to Venice. Once, dur­ing a time of per­se­cu­tion against Chris­tians, which then had already last­ed for five years, the sev­en­teen year old Theo­dosia went up to con­demned Chris­t­ian pris­on­ers, sit­u­at­ed in the Prae­to­ri­um. It was the day of Holy Pascha, and the mar­tyrs spoke about the King­dom of God. Saint Theo­dosia asked them to remem­ber her before the Lord, when they should come to stand before Him. Sol­diers saw that the maid­en bowed to the pris­on­ers, and they seized hold of her and led her before the gov­er­nor, Urban. The gov­er­nor advised the maid­en to offer sac­ri­fice to the idols but she refused, con­fess­ing her faith in Christ. Then they sub­ject­ed the saint to cru­el tor­tures, – her body they struck at with iron claws such that they did lay bare the bones. The mar­tyress was silent and with an hap­py face endured the suf­fer­ings, and to a sec­ond sug­ges­tion by the gov­er­nor to offer sac­ri­fice to the idols she answered: “Thou fool, I have been grant­ed to join the mar­tyrs!” They threw the maid­en with a stone about her neck into the sea, but Angels drew her out from the depths. Then they gave over the mar­tyress for devour­ing by wild beasts. See­ing that the beasts would not touch her, they cut off her head. By night Saint Theo­dosia appeared to her par­ents, who had tried to talk their daugh­ter into not going to the suf­fer­ings. She was in bright garb with a crown upon her head and a lumi­nous gold cross in her hand, and she said: “Behold the great glo­ry that ye did want to deprive me of!”.