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The Lord coming to you Himself

[Jude 1:1–10; Luke 22:39–42, 45–23:1] The Meeting of the Lord. At this meeting the Lord is surrounded on the one side by Sim‐eon — righteousness which awaits salvation, but not in righteousness itself, and Anna — a life of strict fasting and prayer, made alive by faith; and on the other side by sub‐stantial, comprehensive and stead‐fast purity — the Virgin Mother of God, and by humble, silent submis‐sion and devotion to the will of God — Joseph the Betrothed. Transfer all of these spiritual attitudes to your heart and you will meet the Lord; not carried to you, but coming to you Himself. You will take Him into the embrace of your heart, and you will sing a hymn which will pass throughout the heavens and glad‐den all the angels and saints.

Saint Theophan the Recluse