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The Lord will Raise the Fallen

We have fall­en: Is it not pos­si­ble to rise again? We have been blind­ed: May we not recov­er our sight? We have become crip­pled: Can we nev­er walk upright? In a word, we are dead: May we not rise again? He that woke Lazarus who was four days dead and already stank, shall He not, O man, much more eas­i­ly raise you who art alive? He who shed His pre­cious blood for us, shall Him­self deliv­er us from sin. Let us not despair of our­selves, brethren; let us not aban­don our­selves to a hope­less con­di­tion. For it is a fear­ful thing not to believe in a hope of repentance…God is lov­ing to man, and lov­ing in no small mea­sure. For say not, I have com­mit­ted for­ni­ca­tion and adul­tery: I have done dread­ful things , and not once only, but often: will He for­give? Will He grant par­don? Hear what the Psalmist says: How great is the mul­ti­tude of Your good­ness, O Lord! Your accu­mu­lat­ed offences sur­pass not the mul­ti­tude of God’s mer­cies: your wounds sur­pass not the great Physi­cian’s skill. Only give your­self up in faith: tell the Physi­cian your ail­ment: say like David: I said, I will con­fess me my sin unto the Lord. — St. Cyril of Jerusalem #ortho­dox #ortho­doxy #ortho­dox­church #chris­t­ian #wis­do­mofthe­fa­thers #stcyrilof­jerusalem #lazerus #repen­tance #for­giv­ness

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