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The Most Holy Trinity

[Titus 2:11–14; 3:4–7; Matt. 3:13–17] The Bap­tism of the Lord is called Theo­phany [God Revealed] because in it the one true God, wor­shipped in Trin­i­ty, revealed Him­self so pal­ pably: God the Father — through the voice from heav­en, God the Son, incar­nate — through His bap­tism, and God the Holy Spir­it — through the descent upon the Bap­tized. Here the mys­tery of the rela­tion­ship be­ tween the per­sons of the Most Holy Trin­i­ty is also revealed. God the Ho­ ly Spir­it pro­ceeds from the Father and rests in the Son, but does not pro­ceed from the Son. Here also is revealed the fact that the incar­nate Divine econ­o­my of our sal­va­tion is accom­plished by God the Son incar­ nate, coex­ist­ing with the Holy Spir­it and God the Father. And it is reveal­ ed that the sal­va­tion of each per­son can be accom­plished no way oth­er than in the Lord Jesus Christ, through the grace of the Holy Spir­it, accord­ing to the good will of the Fa­ ther. All the Chris­t­ian Mys­ter­ies shine here with their divine light and enlight­en the minds and hearts of those who with faith cel­e­brate this great fes­ti­val. Come, let us men­ tal­ly has­ten on high and plunge our­ selves into the con­tem­pla­tion of these mys­ter­ies of our sal­va­tion, singing, “When Thou, O Lord, wast bap­tized in the Jor­dan, the wor­ship of the Trin­i­ty was made man­i­fest” — a sal­va­tion which in trin­i­ty es­ tab­lish­es us, and in trin­i­ty saves us.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse