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The Nun Maria (Marinos)and her father the Monk Eugene (Eugenios)

Com­mem­o­rat­ed on Feb­ru­ary 12

The Nun Maria (Marinos)and her father the Monk Eugene (Euge­nios) lived at the begin­ning of the VI Cen­tu­ry in Bithy­nia (north­west dis­trict of Asia Minor). Bereaved of his wife, Eugene decid­ed to with­draw to a monastery, but his daugh­ter did not want to be sep­a­rat­ed from him, and so she accom­pa­nied him, dressed as a man. Togeth­er they entered a monastery not far from Alexan­dria, and the daugh­ter received the name Mari­nos. “Broth­er” Mari­nos became much accom­plished in virtue, and dis­tin­guished in humil­i­ty and obe­di­ence. After sev­er­al years, when the father of Saint Mari­nos died, she all the more inten­si­fied her ascetic efforts and received from the Lord the gift to heal those afflict­ed by unclean spir­its. One time the “Monk” Mari­nos was sent with oth­er monks to the monastery gar­dens, and along the way they had to spend the night at an inn. The inn-keep­er’s daugh­ter, hav­ing sinned with one of the lodgers, denounced the “Monk” Mari­nos and accused “him” as the cul­prit of her down­fall. Her father com­plained to the hegu­men of the monastery, who expelled the “sin­ful broth­er”. The nun said not a word in her defense and began to live at the monastery wall. When the hap­less girl gave birth to a boy, the inn-keep­er brought it to Mari­nos, and with­out a word he aban­doned his grand­son and with­drew. The saint took the infant and began to raise it. After the pass­ing of three years the brethren besought the hegu­men to take back the “Monk Mari­nos” into the monastery. The hegu­men, who very reluc­tant­ly gave in to the requests, began to assign “broth­er Mari­nos” very bur­den­some obe­di­ences, which the nun ful­filled with the great­est of zeal, while attend­ing to the rais­ing of her fos­ter-child. Three years lat­er the saint peace­ful­ly expired to the Lord in her cell. The brethren arriv­ing saw the deceased “monk” and the boy cry­ing over “him”. When they began to dress the saint for bur­ial, her secret was revealed. The hegu­men of the monastery tear­ful­ly besought for­give­ness of the depart­ed, and the inn-keep­er too fol­lowed his exam­ple. The body of Saint Maria was rev­er­ent­ly buried in the monastery. The daugh­ter of the inn-keep­er came to the grave of the saint and open­ly con­fessed her sin, in con­nec­tion with which she was healed from a demon­ic ill­ness. The boy whom the saint was rais­ing after­wards became a monk. The relics of the saint were trans­ferred to Con­stan­tino­ple, and from there in 1113 were car­ried off to Venice.

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