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The Nun Mastridia

Com­mem­o­rat­ed on Novem­ber 24

The Nun Mastridia lived in Egypt­ian Alexan­dria. She gave a vow of vir­gin­i­ty and, keep­ing the fasts and silence, she dwelt in unceas­ing prayer. The pure life of the holy vir­gin was beset by tri­als. A cer­tain young man, attract­ed to her with impure desire, began to pur­sue her such that she could not go from her home even for church. Griev­ing over the fact that she had unwill­ing­ly led the youth into temp­ta­tion, and being zeal­ous for his sal­va­tion, the saint invit­ed him into her home. Know­ing that it was her pret­ty eyes espe­cial­ly that attract­ed him, the nun with com­plete self­less­ness put them out with a linen weav­ing instru­ment. Hav­ing saved her­self and the youth from temp­ta­tion, Saint Mastridia brought him to repen­tance. He accept­ed monas­ti­cism and lived as a strict ascetic, and Saint Mastridia fin­ished her life in works for the Lord.

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