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This was from me” (A Letter From God)

St. Seraphim of Vir­it­sa: “This was from me” (A Let­ter From God) “This was from me” is a famous let­ter writ­ten by Saint Seraphim of Vir­it­sa that he sent to his spir­i­tu­al child, a bish­op who was in a Sovi­et prison at that time; this homi­ly “This was from me” is writ­ten as a con­so­la­tion and coun­sel to the bish­op to let him know that God the Cre­ator address­es to the soul of man.

Have you ever thought that every­thing that con­cerns you, con­cerns Me, also? You are pre­cious in my eyes and I love you; for this rea­son, it is a spe­cial joy for Me to train you. When temp­ta­tions and the oppo­nent [the Evil One] come upon you like a riv­er, I want you to know that This was from Me.

I want you to know that your weak­ness has need of My strength, and your safe­ty lies in allow­ing Me to pro­tect you. I want you to know that when you are in dif­fi­cult con­di­tions, among peo­ple who do not under­stand you, and cast you away, This was from Me.

I am your God, the cir­cum­stances of your life are in My hands; you did not end up in your posi­tion by chance; this is pre­cise­ly the posi­tion I have appoint­ed for you. Weren’t you ask­ing Me to teach you humil­i­ty? And there – I placed you pre­cise­ly in the “school” where they teach this les­son. Your envi­ron­ment, and those who are around you, are per­form­ing My will. Do you have finan­cial dif­fi­cul­ties and can just bare­ly sur­vive? Know that This was from Me.

I want you to know that I dis­pose of your mon­ey, so take refuge in Me and depend upon Me. I want you to know that My store­hous­es are inex­haustible, and I am faith­ful in My promis­es. Let it nev­er hap­pen that they tell you in your need, “Do not believe in your Lord and God.” Have you ever spent the night in suf­fer­ing? Are you sep­a­rat­ed from your rel­a­tives, from those you love? I allowed this that you would turn to Me, and in Me find con­so­la­tion and com­fort. Did your friend or some­one to whom you opened your heart, deceive you? This was from Me.

I allowed this frus­tra­tion to touch you so that you would learn that your best friend is the Lord. I want you to bring every­thing to Me and tell Me every­thing. Did some­one slan­der you?

Did some­one slan­der you? Leave it to Me; be attached to Me so that you can hide from the “con­tra­dic­tion of the nations.” I will make your right­eous­ness shine like light and your life like mid­day noon. Your plans were destroyed? Your soul yield­ed and you are exhaust­ed? This was from Me.

You made plans and have your own goals; you brought them to Me to bless them. But I want you to leave it all to Me, to direct and guide the cir­cum­stances of your life by My hand, because you are the orphan, not the pro­tag­o­nist. Unex­pect­ed fail­ures found you and despair over­came your heart, but know That this was from Me.
With tired­ness and anx­i­ety I am test­ing how strong your faith is in My promis­es and your bold­ness in prayer for your rel­a­tives. Why is it not you who entrust­ed their cares to My prov­i­den­tial love? You must leave them to the pro­tec­tion of My All Pure Moth­er. Seri­ous ill­ness found you, which may be healed or may be incur­able, and has nailed you to your bed. This was from Me.

Because I want you to know Me more deeply, through phys­i­cal ail­ment, do not mur­mur against this tri­al I have sent you. And do not try to under­stand My plans for the sal­va­tion of people’s souls, but unmur­mur­ing­ly and humbly bow your head before My good­ness. You were dream­ing about doing some­thing spe­cial for Me and, instead of doing it, you fell into a bed of pain. This was from Me.

Because then you were sunk in your own works and plans and I wouldn’t have been able to draw your thoughts to Me. But I want to teach you the most deep thoughts and My lessons, so that you may serve Me. I want to teach you that you are noth­ing with­out Me. Some of my best chil­dren are those who, cut off from an active life, learn to use the weapon of cease­less prayer. You were called unex­pect­ed­ly to under­take a dif­fi­cult and respon­si­ble posi­tion, sup­port­ed by Me. I have giv­en you these dif­fi­cul­ties and as the Lord God I will bless all your works, in all your paths. In every­thing I, your Lord, will be your guide and teacher. Remem­ber always that every dif­fi­cul­ty you come across, every offen­sive word, every slan­der and crit­i­cism, every obsta­cle to your works, which could cause frus­tra­tion and dis­ap­point­ment, This is from Me.

Know and remem­ber always, no mat­ter where you are, That what­so­ev­er hurts will be dulled as soon as you learn In all things, to look at Me. Every­thing has been sent to you by Me, for the per­fec­tion of your soul. All these things were from Me.