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True Source of Life

[Acts 10:1–16; John 6:56–69] When the Lord presented His teaching about the mystery of His Body and Blood, setting it as a nec?essary condition for communication with Himself and as a source of true life, then many of His disciples went back, and walked no more with Him (John 6:66). Such an act of God’s boundless mercy toward us seemed too miraculous to them, and their disinclination toward the miracu?lous tore them from the Lord. The Lord saw this, and although He was prepared to be crucified for the sal?vation of every person, He did not consider it possible to diminish or cancel the miraculous. It is so cru?cial in the economy of our salva?tion! Albeit with regret, He allowed them to depart from Him into the darkness of unbelief and destruc?tion; and said to them and to the chosen twelve as well, will ye also go away? (John 6:67) This showed that He was ready to let them go al?so, if they could not bow down be?fore the miraculous. So it is, that to flee from the miraculous is to flee from the Lord and Saviour; and one who turns away from the miracu?lous is as one who is perishing. May those who are horrified by the mi?raculous heed this! Even they will come across a miracle which they will not be able to thwart: death, and after death, judgment. But whether this inability to thwart it will serve them unto salvation, only God knows.

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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