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Truth of The Resurrection

Wednes­day. [Acts 2:22–36; John 1:35–51] The mind can prove the truth of the Res­ur­rec­tion through rea­son based on the scrip­tures, and a non-be­liev­er can­not but ad­mit the pow­er of its ar­gu­ments, as long as a sense of truth is not yet dead in him. A be­liev­er does not need proof, be­cause the Church of God is fill­ed with the light of the Res­ur­rec­tion. Both of these in­di­ca­tors of truth are faith­ful and con­vinc­ing. But count­er-rea­son­ing can spring up and con­tra­dict mind’s rea­son, and faith can be tram­pled and shak­en by per­plex­i­ties and doubts, com­ing from with­out and aris­ing with­in. Is there no in­vin­ci­ble wall a­round the truth of the Res­ur­rec­tion? There is. It will oc­cur when the pow­er of the Res­ur­rec­tion, re­ceiv­ed al­ready at bap­tism, be­gins to ac­tive­ly be re­veal­ed as it purges the cor­rup­tion of soul and bod­y, and es­tab­lish­es with­in them the be­gin­nings of a new life. He who ex­pe­ri­en­ces this will walk in the light of the Res­ur­rec­tion, and any­one talk­ing a­gainst the truth of the Res­ur­rec­tion will seem to him in­sane, like a per­son say­ing in the day­time that it is night.

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