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We Crucify The Lord by our sins

Mon­day. [Acts 3:19–26; John 2:1–11] Re­pent ye there­fore, and be con­vert­ed, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of re­fresh­ing shall come from the pres­ence of the Lord (Acts 3:19). Thus spoke the ho­ly apos­tle Pe­ter to the Jews who cru­ci­fied the Lord, com­fort­ing them that they did it out of ig­no­rance. But we are cru­ci­fy­ing the Lord with­in our­selves for a sec­ond time, not out of ig­no­rance, but through our sins; but the most mer­ci­ful one re­ceives us too when we re­pent and turn to Him with all of our heart. We did this dur­ing Great Lent. Each came run­ing to the Lord with tears of re­pen­tance over his sins; and the more sin­cere­ly one did this, the more strong­ly did he feel the re­fresh­ment of for­give­ness, pro­ceed­ing from the face of the Lord, through the hands and word of ab­so­lu­tion of God’s priest. Now what is left for us to do? To be on guard a­gainst new falls, so that we would not fall again in­to the guilt of cru­ci­fy­ing the Lord. The A­pos­tle says that heav­en on­ly re­ceiv­ed the Lord Je­sus un­til the times of res­ti­tu­tion of all things (cf. Acts 3:21). Then He again will come and set forth judg­ment. With what eyes will those who pierced His side look up­on Him! In­deed, we too will have to stand in their ranks if we stop bring­ing forth fruits of re­pen­tance and re­turn to our old ways.

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