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We do not hear

Tues­day. [Rom. 10:11–11:2; Matt. 11:16–20] The Lord says that we, not head­ing the Gospels, are like those to whom mer­ry songs are sung, but they do not dance; sad songs are sung, and they do not cry. You can?not do any­thing with them. We are promised the heav­en­ly King­dom, most bright and joy­ous, but we are unmoved, as if they were not speak?ing to us. We are threat­ened with impar­tial judg­ment and unend­ing tor­ments, but we are not alarmed; it is as if we do not hear. Downtrod?den, we have lost all feel­ing of true self-preser­va­tion. We move as ones being led direct­ly to destruc­tion, and haven’t a care for our des­tiny. We have lost heart, giv­en our­selves over to care­less­ness — what will be, will be! Look at our state! Isn’t this why sui­cides are so fre­quent? It is the fruit of mod­ern teach­ings and views on man and his [in]significance! There is progress for you! There is enlight­en­ment! It would be bet­ter to be total­ly igno?rant, but save your soul with fear of God, than, hav­ing attained the title of an enlight­ened per­son, to per­ish unto the ages, nev­er think­ing your entire life about what will hap­pen after death. Not a sin­gle jot shall pass from the word of God, which describes both the heav­en­ly king?dom and hell — all will be as it is writ­ten. Take this to heart, every?one, as some­thing which touch­es you per­son­al­ly; and take care for your­self, with all your strength, and as long as time remains.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse