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We do not hear

Tuesday. [Rom. 10:11-11:2; Matt. 11:16-20] The Lord says that we, not heading the Gospels, are like those to whom merry songs are sung, but they do not dance; sad songs are sung, and they do not cry. You can?not do anything with them. We are promised the heavenly Kingdom, most bright and joyous, but we are unmoved, as if they were not speak?ing to us. We are threatened with impartial judgment and unending torments, but we are not alarmed; it is as if we do not hear. Downtrod?den, we have lost all feeling of true self-preservation. We move as ones being led directly to destruction, and haven’t a care for our destiny. We have lost heart, given ourselves over to carelessness — what will be, will be! Look at our state! Isn’t this why suicides are so frequent? It is the fruit of modern teachings and views on man and his [in]significance! There is progress for you! There is enlightenment! It would be better to be totally igno?rant, but save your soul with fear of God, than, having attained the title of an enlightened person, to perish unto the ages, never thinking your entire life about what will happen after death. Not a single jot shall pass from the word of God, which describes both the heavenly king?dom and hell — all will be as it is written. Take this to heart, every?one, as something which touches you personally; and take care for yourself, with all your strength, and as long as time remains.

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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