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What Good Hath Joined Together…

[Heb. 12:25–26, 13:22–25; Mark 10:2–12] What God hath joined togeth­er, let not man put asun­der. With these words the Lord affirms the integri­ty of mar­riage; only one law­ful ground for divorce is indicat­ ed — a spouse’s unfaith­ful­ness. But what should one do if one dis­cov­ers some­thing like this? Be patient. We have a uni­ver­sal com­mand­ment —to bear one anoth­er’s bur­dens; even more will­ing­ly should close ones, such as spouses,mutually ful­fill this with respect to one anoth­er. Unwill­ ing­ness to be patient blows up some unpleas­ant­ness out of pro­por­tion, and tri­fles pile up into a divid­ing wall. What is the mind giv­en us for? To smooth out the path of life. Wis­ dom will work out any unpleasant­ ness which is met. Because of lack of earth­ly wis­dom, it not worked out; even more because of an un­ will­ing­ness to think over well the state of things, and even more from not hav­ing any goal in life oth­er than plea­sure. Plea­sures cease, sat­ isfac­tion with one anoth­er ceas­es; on it goes until divorce. The more goals in life are debased, the more fre­quent divorces become on the one hand, and on the oth­er — un­ law­ful tem­po­rary cohab­i­ta­tion. The source of this evil lies in materialis­ tic views of the world and life.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse