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What’s living within you?

When the desire for Christ is dom­i­nant with­in you, you remain calm in every sor­row and you know that Christ lives with­in you more than the world does.

And again, when sick­ness and the var­i­ous mis­for­tunes of life throw your mind into tur­moil, you should know that your body is liv­ing with­in you, not Christ.

In gen­er­al, what­ev­er thing is over­rid­ing and dom­i­nant, that’s what’s liv­ing with­in you. God and His angels rejoice in times of need; the dev­il and his min­ions in times of leisure.

You should know that, with­out temp­ta­tions, you’re a long way from the path of God and you aren’t tread­ing in the foot­steps of the saints.

» Saint Isaac the Syrian