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Wisdom calls the foolish to herself

It is remark­able that Wis­dom calls the fool­ish to her­self: Whoso is sim­ple, let him turn in hith­ er (Prov. 9:4).[1] Thus, the clever can­not enter into the house of Wis­ dom, or the holy Church. Any clev­ erness must be laid aside at the very entrance to this house. On the oth­er hand, if all wis­dom and knowl­edge are only locat­ed inside the house of Wis­dom, then out­side of this house, out­side of the holy Church there is only fool­ish­ness, igno­rance and blind­ness. How mar­vel­lous is God’s insti­tu­tion! Leave your intel­lect be­ hind upon enter­ing the Church, and you will become tru­ly intel­li­gent; leave your inde­pen­dent activ­i­ty and you will become tru­ly active; deny all of your­self and you will become a true ruler over your­self. Oh, when will the world com­pre­hend this wis­ dom! But this wis­dom is hid­den from the world. The world rebels a­ gainst the wis­dom of God because it does not under­stand that it, and keeps those fool­ish “clever ones” in its blindness

[1]The Slavon­ic for Prov. 9:4 reads Whoso is fool­ish, let him turn in hith­ er.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse