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[Jude 1:11–25; Luke 23:1–34, 44–56] Woe, pro­claims the Holy Apos­tle Jude, to them who con­duct them­selves tempt­ing­ly in soci­ety, who with­out fear fat­ten them­selves at feasts, who foam out their own shame, walk after their own lusts, speak great swelling words and sep­ arate them­selves from the uni­ty of the faith. Woe! For behold, the Lord will come with ten thou­sands of His holy angels, to exe­cute judge­ment upon all, and to expose all that are ungod­ly in all their ungod­ly deeds which their ungod­li­ness has com­ mit­ted (cf. Jude 1:11–19).

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse