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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

Tues­day. [Rom. 4:4–12; Matt. 7:15–21] Beware of false prophets (Matt. 7:15). From the begin­ning of Chris?tianity and to this day there has not been a time when this warn­ing was not applic­a­ble. The Lord did not in?dicate exact­ly which false prophets to beware of, for how could they be pin­point­ed? They change like fash?ions and are con­tin­u­al­ly gen­er­at­ing more like them. They always appear in sheep­’s cloth­ing, with a like­ness of good will in their deeds and a mi?rage of truth in their speech. In our time their cloth­ing is sewn of prog?ress, civ­i­liza­tion, edu­ca­tion, free?dom of thought and deed, a person?al con­vic­tion which does not allow for faith, and such like. All of this is a decep­tive cloak. There­fore, if you come across this show of cloth­ing, do not be hasty to open your ears to the words of “prophets” dressed in such clothes. Exam­ine close­ly whether there is a wolf con­cealed under this sheep­’s cloth­ing. Know that the Lord is the only moti­va­tor toward true per­fec­tion, the sole soft?ener of hearts and cus­toms, the sole edu­ca­tor, the sole giv­er of free­dom and filler of the heart with a feel­ing of the truth which forms a convic?tion so strong that noth­ing in the world has the pow­er to shake it. There­fore, as soon as you per­ceive in these new “prophet­s’s” talk some shad­ow of con­tra­dic­tion to the teach­ing of the Lord, know that they are preda­to­ry wolves, and turn a?way from them.

Saint Theo­phan the Recluse