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Ye have done for Me

The Lord said: Ver­i­ly I say unto you, Inas­much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me (Matthew 25:40). Sim­i­lar things hap­pen in alms­giv­ing and in Holy Com­mu­nion. In Holy Com­mu­nion we receive the Liv­ing Lord Christ Him­self, in the form of bread and wine; in alms­giv­ing we give to the Liv­ing Lord Christ Him­self, in the form of the poor and needy. A cer­tain man in Con­stan­tino­ple was unusu­al­ly mer­ci­ful. Walk­ing along the streets of the city, he would press his gift into the hands of the poor and hur­ry onward, so he would not hear their grat­i­tude or be rec­og­nized. When a friend of his asked how he had become so mer­ci­ful, he replied: “Once in church I heard a priest say that who­ev­er gives to the poor, gives into the hands of Christ Him­self. I didn’t believe it, for I thought, ‘How can this be, when Christ is in heav­en?’ How­ev­er, I was on my way home one day and I saw a poor man beg­ging, and the face of Christ shone above his head! Just then a passer­by gave the beg­gar a piece of bread, and I saw the Lord extend His hand, take the bread, and bless the donor. From then on, I have always seen Christ’s face shin­ing above the beg­gars. There­fore, with great fear I per­form as much char­i­ty as I can.’ — St. Niko­lai Velimirovich #ortho­dox #ortho­doxy #ortho­dox­church #chris­t­ian #wis­do­mofthe­fa­thers #stniko­laive­limirovich #alms­giv­ing #lovey­ourneigh­bor

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